What does it mean when…

  • A cause long out of the spotlight raises $1.6 million in just two years?
  • An idea grows into a powerhouse charity that helps 170,000 people every year?
  • An agency whose funding had been level for a decade raises $3.8 million in government grants in six weeks?

It means LAPA has done its job.

Like you, we too have worked inside non-profit organizations. Our staff is comprised of former development directors, CEOs, researchers, and published authors. We have orchestrated multi-million dollar campaigns, crafted winning grants, and helped organizations with their planning processes that led to both enhanced fundraising and more efficient operations.

Since 1995, we’ve applied the lessons learned in those nonprofits to help local, regional, national and international clients carry out their missions, whatever they may be. We’ve helped them exceed financial goals, transform their organizations, build and implement strategies that will take them into the future, and find new opportunities where none existed—or were thought to exist.

The result: millions of dollars raised, millions of lives transformed.

LAPA can provide you with the development and management tools to build leadership capacity, enhance professional performance, and generate lasting organizational change and sustainable funding. LAPA combines creative problem-solving with the fundraising and business management strategy to send your bottom line soaring.