Congratulations To Our Clients! What A Year!

Please join us in congratulate our clients on their fundraising achievements in 2017:

  • A $10 million campaign was begun with The Shiv Nadar Foundation for scholarships for Indian students to study at USA Universities. We’ve identified the Indian diaspora in the United States to invite them to give to this important educational effort.
  • We developed a STEM program for the funders to Christ the King Prep school in Newark, NJ and are shopping that to local NJ corporations.
  • A new Planned Giving program was designed and started for St. Christopher’s Inn.
  • Moves Management was used in the Fellowship of Reconciliation’s year-end appeal letter to ask for increased giving, plus the major donors were segmented to seek major gift meetings. We also boosted the client’s approach to Giving Tuesday and online giving overall by adding short video stories. These three strategies seek to increase the client’s year-end drive by 40% over their previous returns.
  • On behalf of Trinity Lutheran Outreach programs (Upper West side, Manhattan) we approached the biopharmaceutical company, Gilead Sciences, and secured  $25,000.  Recognizing Gilead’s role in developing “next generation” therapies for people living with HIV/AIDS, as well as its interest in preventive strategies, we presented Trinity Place as a successful intervention for youth most at-risk of contracting the virus.
  • LAPA solicited $145,000 from one major donor for general operating support funding to be shared with six clients.
  • A unique year-end approach was implemented with select family foundations and $50,000 was given to the Riverside Park Conservancy from one of them. This is a brand new funder.
  • We analyzed giving to Catholic dioceses across the country and advised a major dioceses about how to grow their fundraising.
  • gala event strategy was designed for a nonprofit with an $8 million annual budget to grow their annual gala by 25% net revenue for each of the next five years.
  • Three grant assessments were designed and completed for three different clients, showing over $50 million dollars in private grant prospects that align with the nonprofit’s mission.
  • complex fiscal analysis was done for the Moreau Emergency Squad which allowed them to ….
  • We welcomed Interschool Orchestra to our family of clients and have begun ….

Laurence A. Pagnoni, our Chairperson, was invited to join the Editorial Advisory Board of NonProfit Pro which allows more nonprofit leaders access to cutting edge fundraising tips.

May we advance your fundraising program as well? We deliver advanced fundraising services for major campaigns, annual funds, grants and various planning services. Please give us a call at 212.932.9008.

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