Children’s Defense Fund Finds 44 New Funding Opportunities

LAPA Fundraising is expert in fundraising services (campaigns, annual funds, planning services, and grants). We conduct desk studies to identify new funders and donors. These research exercises have proven to be an excellent first step and a tremendous benefit to our clients because they lay a proper foundation from which to build.

In our desk study with the iconic Children’s Defense Fund, LAPA identified 44 new foundation opportunities and developed funding pitches tailored to their funding prospects.

To see our interview with Mark Publow, Chief Development Officer of the Children’s Defense Fund, click below.

The desk study is an assessment of your potential foundation and new individual donors. The study and our recommendations are delivered in 60-90 days. This is a terrific time to prepare for the future when service demand will be even higher because of the economic conditions. A desk study is that right preparation.

We deliver these key services in our work together:

  1. We build a pipeline of foundation, corporate, Donor Advised Fund, and family foundation support for you by:
    1. Assessing the history of your private foundation funding
    2. Looking at similar organizations to see which foundations, corporations, Donor Advised Funds, and family foundations are supporting your competitors.
    3. Identifying the right funding partners who are operating in your mission space.

  2. We research individuals in your current network: donors, trustees and board members, and others, to determine their capacity to support you at a higher level with proper cultivation. We also look for individuals of high net worth (IHNW) to identify a pool of prospects with major gift capacity who are value-aligned with your mission.

  3. We vet and triage these prospects by reviewing their giving histories.

  4. Where possible, we contact the donors and foundation program officers and learn more about their interest and desire to support your work.

  5. We deliver a comprehensive report, a written assessment that includes detailed contact information, ask amounts, notes of calls with individuals and foundation officers, and next steps for each of the prospects on the list. We present this report, offering ways for your team to implement, or our team to implement, answering any questions you may have.

To determine the exact price, we have to have a phone call to understand your current funding sources.

We’re glad to review this process with you in detail, and then send a proposal and contract for your review.

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