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Your Unanswered Questions On Planned Giving

This week, we address our readers’ pressing questions about planned giving.
Did you know that 7% of planned giving donors increased their annual giving after setting up a planned gift? That’s just one example of the timely information you’ll find in today’s blog post.

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Ramp Up Your Planned Giving Program in 2021

When a nonprofit launches a planned giving program, it’s wise to start simple. Rather than promoting hard-to-understand methods like charitable lead unitrusts, it’s best to encourage your donors to make a simple bequest. After all, everybody needs a will. People understand what they are. Even better, there’s no lifetime cost to your donors.

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A Pressing Question

By Laurence A. Pagnoni, MPA Ask LAPA Q. One of our readers writes: Is a fundraising plan part of a strategic plan? If so, why

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