Advancing Prospect Research

Advanced prospect research uses donor data to create a roadmap to higher level giving available to your nonprofit. It can also help your nonprofit enhance its racial equity efforts!

We will be exploring the latest trends in the prospect research field including donor confidentiality issues, our projections for what the next decade holds, and the limitations of donor data.

Topics for Discussion Include:

  • What are the latest trends in Prospect Research?
  •  How do you know if the donor data is any good?
  •  How do you uncover leads, and find your donors?
  •  Tips for working with the Major Gift Officer.
  •  What vendor software and research applications should be considered?

Panelists Include 

  • Michael L. Taylor, CFRE, LAPA Fundraising President
  • Alison Plott, MFA, Assoc. Dir. of Research, LAPA Fundraising
  • Laurence A. Pagnoni, MPA, Founder of LAPA Fundraising