Should Fundraising Be Apolitical?

If we say that the nonprofit called “The NRA” is grotesque, and should not have a charitable designation, would you remove my blog posts from your feed? If we say that the storied nonprofit immigration rights groups the International Rescue Committee has not done enough (or done too much!) to fight the backlash against immigrants, would you think I was partisan? Tune in to hear Laurence A. Pagnoni, LAPA’s Founder & Thought Leader and colleague Jay Frost address this topic on a webinar hosted by Donor Search.

Topics for Discussion Include:

  • Do we stay silent, or speak-up?
  • How do we speak from a research and data perspective?
  • If we speak-up, do we speak in a partisan way?
  • How do we set or clarify our organizational values?
  • How do we navigate organizational politics?