Annual Funds

Boost Your Annual Revenue

Without active management, your annual fund will decline.

New digital technology and evolving social norms about giving to charity continue to change how people give to your nonprofit. As a result, your annual fund must adapt to stay fresh and donor-centered.

It’s more important than ever to keep existing donors engaged. That’s why your annual fund needs to be robust and well designed.

We can manage all aspects of your annual fund—either by enhancing your fundraising strategy, improving your donor prospect research, coaching your current staff, or stepping in to manage the program directly.

We infuse your donor process with “moves-management” (an automated way to ask donors for regular increases).

The Donor Stewardship Cycle

We provide interim management services to ensure stability and continued growth throughout any stage of staff transitions.

We create a custom fundraising calendar that includes direct mail, email communications, and social media—all of which are aimed at raising more revenue for you. 

To secure increased giving from major donors, we conduct in-depth interviews with each of them and then create an action plan for cultivating and soliciting them.  

Case for Support

We also write a donor-centered Case for Support that is graphically compelling and captures the urgency of your mission and future vision. 

We work to increase giving from your donors who give under $1,000 by enrolling them into a monthly giving program. Such programs increase donor retention. 

Most of all, we expand your donor pipeline by adding thousands of new value-aligned donor prospects.

For Faith Based Organizations

Stewardship Drives

Do you represent a house of worship or other faith-based organization? LAPA is well known for its faith-based work. 

Your weekly plate collections and special stewardship drives define your faith community’s annual fundraising. These activities are significant opportunities for cultivating real parishioner engagement, retaining member support, and stimulating regular giving.

 LAPA can assist with such activities through pulpit talks about stewardship, cultivation meetings with members, and well-crafted mail appeals that present your members with a vivid case for why they should give. 

Are you ready to go to the next level of fundraising performance?

We empower you to solve the most complex organizational and advancement challenges.