Annual Funds

Is your annual fund achieving its full potential?

LAPA Fundraising can help.

Fund Rise, our annual fund service, is designed to solicit, secure, repeat, and upgrade your annual fund gifts. This proven method helps your organization break through to higher-level returns. Most annual funds are plateaued or, worse, regressing; don’t let this happen to you!

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Cycle of Donor Stewardship

cycle of donor stewardship

LAPA Fundraising integrates fundraising strategy with your revenue needs. Our process includes these steps:

  1. Review of your past annual fund initiatives including: case statements, strategy, appeal letters, and returns.
  2. Analysis of your donor database, providing: a readiness and affinity score, an annual fund ask amount, and a major gift ask amount for each donor.
  3. A fresh articulation of your case for support based on audience testing, and the best visual presentation using video and, where appropriate, mini cases highlights.
  4. Creation and implementation of an annual fund plan, including, outsourced services and/or staff coaching.
  5. Support and coaching of your Board’s development committee.

Raising the Plate

Do you represent a house of worship or other faith-based organization? LAPA is well known for its faith-based annual fund work called Raising The Plate. Your weekly plate collections and special stewardship drives define your faith community’s annual fundraising. These activities are significant opportunities for real parishioner engagement, retaining member support and stimulating regular giving. They include: pulpit talks about stewardship, cultivation meetings with members, and sending out well-crafted mail appeals that present your members with a vivid case for why they should give.

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Case Study

Case Study:

Nationwide Leadership Council Formed to Boost Unrestricted Support

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