Assessments & Strategy

Advanced fundraising is more than crafting grants and appeal letters.

You must have a development plan that’s real, adapts to the changing marketplace, and is up-to-date.

LAPA is skilled at assessing your development operations to find what’s working and what’s not and designing plans for increased revenue. 

Our assessments include:

Development Plans

For our development plans, we first assess your organization's past fundraising.
Then, we analyze your current fundraising capacity and explore your future fundraising goals.  We conduct a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis of both your organization and your development program. We also assess your current development team and their ability to grow to meet your fundraising needs.

Development Audits

Our development audits document the strengths and weaknesses of your current fundraising program and provide a roadmap for growth. 
A development audit is an internal review of your fundraising program and your readiness to embark on new development ventures. We document your current performance and make recommendations for advancement.

Campaign Feasibility Studies

Lapa works with you to prepare well for your campaign.
We examine your strategic plans; interview your development team and support them as needed (often through coaching); and create the plans to identify and cultivate donors, prospects, and volunteers. We perform an in-depth to determine the perception of your organization by stakeholders and prospects, and their capacity to give, and we analyze internal and external factors that can affect the success and timing of your campaign.
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Strategic and Long-Range Plans

The nonprofits that raise the most revenue are strategic by design.
Poor strategic plans, inefficient operations, and underfunded development programs will block your ability to thoughtfully ask for and secure the support you need. We are also skilled at long-range planning, which takes a 10-year growth and development view.

Staff Support and Development

We can help strengthen your development department staff by training and coaching them to reach their best potential as fundraisers.
If supplementation is required, we can embed our own fundraisers into your team to provide day-to-day support. We can also help you find the next key hire to energize your department.

Board Development

Your board of directors can be a great resource—if you know how to develop them into a true governance team.
A well-formed and motivated board provides leadership, annual donors, challenge gifts, and an introduction to networks of potential donors and partners. We also identify and qualify new board members. Lapa can help you develop the board that will drive your organization to success.

Advanced Prospect Research

Lapa’s prospect research is amongst the best in the industry.
We regularly identify thousands of new, value-aligned donors for our clients, and find hundreds of major donors hidden in their annual fund. LAPA doesn’t just give you back data. As fundraisers and data experts, we connect the insights of your data to deepen your fundraising strategy, and ultimately, connect that strategy to your organizational growth.