Assessments and Strategy

Advanced fundraising goes far deeper than writing grants and appeal letters. The nonprofits that raise the most revenue are strategic by design. Yet unfocused strategic plans, inefficient operations and underfunded development programs can block your ability to thoughtfully ask for and secure the support you need. LAPA is equipped to assess your organization and operations to find what’s working and what is not, and design plans for better organizational success, leading to increased revenue. Our assessments include development audits, strategic and long-range plans, and event plans to name a few.

development audits

Development Audits

Our development audits document the strengths and weakness of your current fundraising program, and provide a roadmap for growth. A Development Audit is an internal assessment of your fundraising program and your readiness to embark on new development ventures.

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staff support and development

Staff Support and Development

Your fundraising plan is largely dependent on the team that implements it. We can help strengthen your development department in a number of ways: embedding our own associates into your staff to provide day-to-day support for the short or long term, training and coaching your staff to reach their best potential as fundraisers, and helping you find the next key hire to energize your department.

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board development

Board Development

Your board of directors can be a great resource for successful fundraising. A well-formed and motivated Board provides leadership, annual donors, challenge and special gifts, and an introduction to networks of potential donors and partners. LAPA can help you develop the Board that will drive your organization into new growth and success.

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Organizational Assessments and Strategic Planning

Operational issues can create obstacles to engaging donors/funders and securing revenue. Our organizational assessments can analyze the operations, policies, and efficiency of every level of your organization. In turn, the assessment then allows us to recommend a detailed plan forward.

LAPA offers multiple types of plans to organize and streamline your operations for short and long-term growth, always with an eye toward advanced fundraising: Long-term, Strategic, Business, Operational, and Development, to name a few.

planning successful events

Planning for Successful Events

Special fundraising events, from galas to intimate cocktail parties, can be a significant focal point of an advanced fundraising program. Are you making the most of your events to develop new donors, engage your board, and raise the profile of your organization? Let our associates guide you in creating the most lucrative event strategy possible. Strategy is the key to growing your events.

While events can be great revenue makers, they can also be time consuming and expensive.  The success of events depends on careful planning. To help you ensure that your fundraising event is a winner, here are the major components that LAPA would incorporate into your event plan:

  • A defined purpose
  • Specific targets for each revenue area of the event
  • A complete expense budget
  • A leadership plan that includes defined roles for the host committee and co-chairs; a defined target audience
  • A staffing plan to handle the mechanics of the event (set-up, marketing, and ticket sales)
  • Support in conducting practice runs
  • A thoughtful plan for thanking volunteers and attendees after the event concludes.

Parties with a Purpose

Parties with a Purpose are one of our favorite styles of event – informal, productive, and fun. 

Click here to learn how to throw a great one:

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