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Again and Again: Securing Repeat Gifts

When you ask a donor to renew his or her support, you’re offering a unique opportunity to make something significant happen in the world, something they deeply want, but cannot affect by themselves. You (the fundraiser) have to be clear about that opportunity and what would happen if it did not exist.   This is what engages donors. A unique feature of really engaged donors is their desire to build the future with you. For this reason, fundraisers almost always ask donors to give their support over three or five years. Truly transformative gifts are often made as multi-year pledges which

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Healthcare’s Use of Separate Foundations

A guest blog post by Walter Dillingham, CFA My longtime colleague, Walter Dillingham, of Wilmington Trust, N.A., specializes in serving endowments, foundations, and healthcare organizations. Walter works closely with nonprofits to help them achieve both their investment and philanthropic objectives. Walter has authored original research on Healthcare’s use of separate foundations that I thought you’d like to read. This research report provides insights into how hospitals in New York State are starting to address these questions related to their foundations. Our intent is to provide findings and conclusions that may be applicable to hospitals and hospital systems nationwide. The research puts

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What’s Your View?

A recent experience made me think about how different generations understand consultants. Thanks to ad hoc Professor Michael Davidson at the Milano Graduate School of Management and Urban Policy at The New School, I had the chance to address a group of future nonprofit leaders in a classroom. In meeting with the students, I realized that the current generation of nonprofit leaders is the first to truly familiarize itself with the function and role of external consultants. Because nonprofit consulting is relatively new, many people in my generation are still uncertain about how and when they should seek outside help.

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