Author: Roger Craver


The Power of Giving Circles

By Roger Craver A wise fundraiser constantly searches for new approaches. “New” in terms of sources and approaches to giving beyond the conventional landscape on which most fundraisers graze. I write to sharpen your focus on the growing importance of the giving circle when it comes to diversifying and democratizing philanthropy. According to Philanthropy Together, there are 2,000+ giving circles in the U.S. involving approximately 150,000 donors who have contributed $1.29 billion. You’ll find a treasure trove of info on the power of giving circles when you visit the following links to Philanthropy Together’s website: Find a Giving Circle Support a Giving Circle Start

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The Value of a Fundraiser

By Roger Craver Almost every sector of the economy is now facing the issue of how many employees will actually return vs. how many will simply opt for greener pastures. If the financial meltdown of 2008 was the Great Recession, will post-pandemic 2021 turn out to be the Great Resignation? Virtually every part of the nonprofit sector – from higher ed, to healthcare, to advocacy and social benefit organizations – have historically been notoriously irresponsible when it comes to training, onboarding, promoting  and holding on to fundraisers. The result of this neglect on the part of boards, CEOs and even the

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Stop The Postal Rate Hike

This is an urgent postal alert. If your organization uses the U.S. Mail for fundraising, membership development, or communications you should be taking action today. Let me explain. The United…

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What’s Coming A Trump Bump, Slump or Dump

What’s Coming? A Trump Bump, Slump or Dump?

If a conservative candidate triumphed, then boom times followed for liberal causes as in Ronald Reagan’s victory in 1980. Conversely, banner results for conservative causes followed a liberal presidential victory, as acquisition, retention rates and income plummeted for liberal causes as in Bill Clinton’s win in 1992.

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