LAPA Fundraising offers its Board Development work within the context of fundraising planning and campaign support.

Your board of directors can be a great resource for successful fundraising. A well-formed and motivated Board provides leadership, annual donors, challenge and special gifts, and an introduction to networks of potential donors and partners. LAPA can help you develop the Board that will drive your organization into new growth and success.

Board Assessment and Planning

How engaged is your Board and how well are they serving your organization? LAPA can analyze their levels of engagement and contributions, and help you chart the course to a stronger, more engaged Board and stronger committee structure. We can even place a board coach in your executive committee and board meetings to help the board deal with their own growth and development.

Board Recruitment

Finding the right new Board members requires time and patience. Let us help you find the best candidates and structure the best ways to get them engaged and involved. We follow a rigorous recruitment selection process that has produced real results for our clients.

Board Retreats

A day or a weekend away with key Board and staff members can be a terrific way to build connections, communication, and engagement. Let us help you plan and facilitate a retreat that will leave your Board and team energized and inspired. Our retreats can be based on a tried and tested survey that is administered a month before the retreat, and then the findings from the survey form the basis for the retreat.

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