Your Campaign

Your campaign is a fundraising pinnacle.You want to do it right.

You will need increased staff capacity, donor research, skilled major gift management, a moves-management program, relationship maps between your stakeholders and donor prospects, superior data hygiene, donor acceptance policies, a donor recognition plan, and options for donor naming opportunities.

LAPA would like to partner with you as your campaign manager and fundraising counsel.

Our campaign advisors have extensive capital campaign experience. Each of them has guided multiple campaigns to success. They travel, come onsite, or work virtually.


1. Preparation

LAPA guides you through a “Get Ready” phase.
We review your fundraising structures, study your strategic plans, and conduct stakeholder interviews. We create plans to identify and cultivate donors, prospects, and volunteers. We either staff your campaign ourselves (outsourcing) or train, coach, and support your existing development team (counsel).

2. Leadership

Leadership is another name for a successful campaign.
Campaign leaders are worth their weight in gold, and LAPA knows how to identify them, talk with them, recruit, and inspire them to step up. Campaign leaders join together to form the campaign cabinet, which focuses on the cultivation and solicitation process to secure major gifts. Campaign leaders approve donor cultivation and solicitation plans, and LAPA prepares the donor correspondence and proposals, trains volunteers, and solicits gifts with you. We solicit majors donors who are ready to give and leverage their lead gifts launchpads to generate other giving.

3. Going Public

Once sufficient major gifts have been obtained (usually about 80% of the campaign goal), LAPA extends your campaign to the broader donor public.
We also design and guide you through a thoughtful acknowledgment of volunteers and donors and celebrate their efforts and your success.

Planning Study​

A planning or feasibility study is often required to determine if you will have sufficient donor support to achieve a campaign goal. Just as you might hire an architect to draw your renovation or new construction plans, you also need a fundraising plan. The planning or feasibility study usually takes 90 to 120 days.

During this process, stakeholders’ and prospects’ perceptions of your organization are thoroughly assessed, and we also research their capacity to give. We then analyze the internal and external factors that can affect the success and timing of your campaign.

How Much Will Donors Give to Your Proposed Campaign?​​
LAPA’s planning/feasibility study will give you a real forecast of what is possible to raise. This forecast is based on interviews we conduct with select donors who have the capacity to give.

Tracking and Reporting

We keep your organization focused on objectives and measure the efficacy of our campaign strategies. We analyze and share the detailed progress of the campaign regularly to ensure successful steps forward.

View a campaign impact report from a $4.25 million campaign—a one-minute read.

Laurence A. Pagnoni, Chairman of LAPA Fundraising, speaks to a group of nonprofit and development professionals at Baruch about the what it means to run a capital campaign.