A successful campaign raises the funds you need and improves your organization’s overall health! The key question for campaigns is ‘How can we transform our organization to meet the campaign challenge and yet generate ongoing support? This type of ‘ground up’ thinking drives LAPA’s approach.

The LAPA Process


1. Preparation

LAPA works with you to prepare well for the campaign – a “Get Ready” phase – by reviewing your fundraising structures: we examine your strategic plans; interview your development team and support them as needed (often through coaching); and create the plans to identify and cultivate donors, prospects, and volunteers. We often perform an in-depth feasibility study to determine the perception of your organization by stakeholders and prospects, and their capacity to give, and we analyze internal and external factors that can affect the success and timing of your campaign.


2. Leadership

Campaign leaders are worth their weight in gold, and LAPA knows how to identify them, talk with them, and inspire them to step-up. Leadership is another name for a successful campaign! Campaign Leaders join together and form the campaign cabinet which guides the solicitation process to secure major gifts.

After identifying sufficient major gift prospects, the campaign leadership approves various solicitation strategies, and LAPA prepares the donor proposals, trains volunteers, and solicits gifts with you. Donors immediately ready to give are approached, and a springboard to widen your donor circle is sprung. We use the lead gifts as a launching point to generate other giving, but also we continue to research and solicit more individual gifts.

going public

3. Going Public

Once major gifts have been obtained, LAPA extends your campaign to the wider public through direct solicitation, development of event strategy, targeted marketing, and follow-ups to non-responders. We also help you refine the strategy to deeply acknowledge volunteers and donors and celebrate their efforts and your success.

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Advancing planned giving

The Pyramid of Giving

An Overview of Development

The Pyramid of Giving

LAPA’s custom campaign process has been fine-tuned for hundreds of campaigns of all sizes. Our capital campaign consultants each average 20+ years of senior level consulting ranging from arts and cultural organizations, independent schools and higher education institutions, human-service, healthcare and social organizations and faith-based institutions. Each LAPA associate brings their own unique executive experiences and personal passions to your campaign.

Read more about how LAPA can help you exceed your goals for your next capital campaign.


also provides the professional counsel necessary
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Case Study

Case Study:
Shore Line Trolley Museum

$2,000,000 goal reached in just 18 months!

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