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The Last Four Days Are The Most Important

Approximately one out of every three dollars in annual giving is donated during the month of December. For online giving, the figure is even higher. This powerful concentration of giving amplifies even further as New Year’s approaches. The last four days of the year (12/28, 12/29, 12/30 and 12/31) are the biggest giving days online, with giving literally quintupling over the course of the last two. We even know that the peak period on December 31 is between 12noon – 7pm securing 31% of donations for the day during this time in whatever time zone the donor happens to be in.

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When I use the word “plants”, I do not mean the green ones. Is that what you were thinking, silly? No, I mean DONOR PLANTS, the people that you ask in advance to jump up at your gala’s live auction, raise their hand high, and start (or advance) the bidding. That’s a donor plant. Plants are essential to create energy and set the pace for other attendees to follow, and since the fall gala season is rapidly approaching, chances are good that this is timely counsel as you plan for your big event. The Context A popular fundraising gala idea is

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