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Virtual Parties With A Purpose: A Compliment to Large Galas

Do you want to throw small virtual fundraising events? If so, this blog post is for you. Big galas have their place, but smaller online events can be impressively lucrative when done well. Sometimes called “Parlor Gatherings,” we call them “Parties with a Purpose” (PWAP). These events can complement your large gala—or even be held in lieu of it.

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How To Get Donors to Agree to A Visit

In my work with thousands of fundraisers, the biggest challenge I hear is that it’s hard to get the visit. I sometimes struggle with getting the visit as well. Donors ignore our messages or they e-mail us back with short messages that say “No need to visit, everything is good.” It’s not easy. If it were easy, our organizations would not need us. I remind myself of that when I am having one of those days where no one seems to respond. The first step is to craft your messages carefully. I have seen people spend weeks and even months

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Can We Meet? How to Respond When Donors Resist Meeting with You

Excerpted from How to Raise $500 to $5000 From Almost Anyone Sooner or later you’ll have this experience. After a few words of explanation—”Hi Leroy, this is Andy Robinson. I’m following up on the letter I sent about our fall fundraising campaign”—the person on the other end of the phone will say, “Sure, Andy, I’d love to get together. When’s a good time for you?” But until that day you must learn how to respond to the most common telephone objections when trying to schedule an appointment with your prospect. I don’t mean to imply that that the following responses constitute

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