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Six Provocative Interview Questions When Hiring Fundraisers

Hiring fundraisers can be challenging. Just ask any Executive Director or CEO. Fundraisers tend to move jobs often and most fell into fundraising without studying it as a career, making…

Understanding these trends is essential for you to adapt your strategies and identify areas for improvement. If you’d like my feedback on your adapted annual fundraising plan, send it to me here.

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Understanding Your Fundraiser

There is a “magic sauce” in fundraising that is neither secret nor arcane. It all has to do with the relationship between the fundraiser and the nonprofit. When the relationship is close, trusting, and mutually supportive, more money will be raised. Momentum will build. Fundraising goals will be met. If the relationship is distant, strained, and contrary, the engagement won’t work. Little will be accomplished. Revenue goals will not be met. Do you understand your fundraiser? It’s common sense, really; but not as prevalent as it could be. Fundraising begins (or should begin) with an appraisal of the nonprofit’s capacity

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Development Staff Supervision & Donor Data Reports: A Magic Link

  Your donor data-base reports are a magic link to effective supervision of your development staff and raising more revenue. These reports tell you about your new donor acquisition rates, and retention, loss, and upgrade rates, all of which are at the heart of top fundraising performance. Yet many development staffers do not use the macro reports built into their donor software, nor do they know what the reports mean. A talented development director would be wise to learn the donor base reporting functions from the vendor who sold the system, and then help the development staff understand its value.

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The Role of the Development Committee Chair

Your fundraising team has many important players, but none as significant as the unsung Development Chair. Yes, the CEO, in-house fundraising staff, paid consultants, board members, and volunteers will all be members of the team too, but a good Development Chair is worth their weight in gold.

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