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Corporate Matching Gift Programs, Part III

This is part three of a three part series on challenge gift drives.  Part one, “Three Steps to Launch Your Challenge Gift Drive”, can be found here. Part two, “Best Practices in Challenge Gift Drives”, can be found here.             There is another important type of matching gift that happens outside of a challenge drive. Corporate matching, as it is known, was begun back in 1954 by General Electric Company. Through its Corporate Alumni Program, the GE Foundation began making matching gifts to colleges and universities, eventually expanding to other areas of charitable giving. Today,

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Best Practices In Challenge Gift Drives, Part II

This is the second part of a three part series on Challenge Gift Drives. To read part one, click here. Best Practices In Challenge Gift Drives There have been cases where those who gave under a challenge drive later reduced their subsequent contributions, resulting in a net reduction of total contributions to the agency’s overall giving. Some call this effect “donor fatigue”, though I’m not a fan of that term because people are too complex for such easy categorization. Thus, in addressing this issue—by any name—it’s important for you to be proactive and let your donors know up front that

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