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Children’s Defense Fund Finds 44 New Funding Opportunities

LAPA Fundraising is expert in fundraising services (campaigns, annual funds, planning services, and grants). We conduct desk studies to identify new funders and donors. These research exercises have proven to be an excellent first step and a tremendous benefit to our clients because they lay a proper foundation from which to build.

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What’s Your View?

A recent experience made me think about how different generations understand consultants. Thanks to ad hoc Professor Michael Davidson at the Milano Graduate School of Management and Urban Policy at The New School, I had the chance to address a group of future nonprofit leaders in a classroom. In meeting with the students, I realized that the current generation of nonprofit leaders is the first to truly familiarize itself with the function and role of external consultants. Because nonprofit consulting is relatively new, many people in my generation are still uncertain about how and when they should seek outside help.

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Who’s Driving?

Donor centered giving, what does it mean?  Some say it’s as simple as keeping your donors connected with your agencies work and letting them know that their contribution is meaningful and significant.  While this is important, donor centered giving seeks a much larger modification in your fundraising thinking. Simply put, it’s not about you; it’s about your donor. It’s not about the extra hours you spend each week serving clients, or the number of meals you serve to those in need, or the amount of students you are able to accommodate in your classroom.  It’s about the story of a

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Out With a Whimper

Many fundraisers are neither memorable nor impactful, and when they leave an organization, they go out with a whimper, not a bang. I’m as upset about this as you must be. One may think there’s a bevy of great fundraisers out there, but that’s not my experience. A lack of authentic mentoring contributes to this “excellence” problem. As a field, we do a poor job mentoring younger fundraising professionals, for sure. Further, while we have more fundraising certificate programs and graduate degrees than ever before, few nonprofits know what the credentials mean. The viability of the ultimate fundraising credential, the

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Boost Your Client Metrics

So the funder declined your proposal because you weren’t serving enough clients from their geographic area of interest.  Don’t give up!  There’s a way to handle this problem.  5-Year Spreads You’re probably presenting your outcome data on an annual basis.  Every year, we serve this many clients.  Some funders may have so extremely narrow a geographic focus that even if your client population is sizable overall, the number coming annually from Richmond County, or Westchester, or western Pennsylvania may not be large enough to induce them to approve a grant.  Well, the western Pennsylvanians might total, say, 9 per year,

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