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Trends in International Giving

Knowing giving trends is essential for keeping your fundraising program fresh. This is especially true in a constantly-changing philanthropic space.

Understanding these trends is essential for you to adapt your strategies and identify areas for improvement. If you’d like my feedback on your adapted annual fundraising plan, send it to me here.

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Can a USA Family Foundation Make Grants Outside the U.S.?

We at LAPA Fundraising are often asked, “Can we (a USA Family Foundation) make grants outside the U.S.? Family foundations can safely grant to non-501(c)(3) organizations outside the U.S. as long as they follow one of two special sets of procedures: expenditure responsibility or equivalency determination.

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The Best Annual Letter I’ve Ever Read

I am honored to welcome Bill and Melinda Gates as our guest bloggers this week. Yea, I wish. 😊

The next best thing is their recently issued annual letter, which is astounding. Take a read and I welcome your reaction to it.

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Building On Fair Trade. Think Ownership.

Something new is happening to dramatically impact poverty for millions of low-income people. The intangible value of products has outpaced their physical value. What this means for low-income farmers and producers across Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, and South America is that achieving intellectual property (IP) ownership from the inception of the idea all the way through to the retail sale is a source of millions of dollars of income that should stay in their wallet and not be given away to others. IP and supply-chain ownership works for big brands such as Coca Cola, Apple, and Louis Vuitton whose IP

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A Bird’s Eye View of US Foundation Giving to INGO’s

The US hosts 86,716 private foundations as of the latest count, and 27% of them support international activities. Here’s a bird’s eye view of US Foundation Giving.   A significant number of the nation’s largest foundations—as well as a few smaller foundations—engage in international grant-making, whether directly to organizations in other countries or through support for international programs conducted by organizations based in the United States, the latter often called “Friends of Societies”. As the many thousands of newer foundations established by younger, more globally focused donors come of age, the number of foundations that incorporate an international focus in

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What’s Driving International Fundraising?

Do you want more international funding? I’d bet you do, who wouldn’t? With that in mind, I recently attended a two-day summit at the United Nations devoted to funding the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The event was sponsored by the United Nations Development Program and CAF America, a global grant-making organization that provides philanthropic advisory services to corporations, foundations, and individuals. We grant seekers were an anomaly among a group of 40 donor advisors, evaluators and foundation program officers (community, corporate, family and private). The highly interactive program focused on: The capacity of businesses to drive social change How funders

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