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Monthly Giving is the Smart Answer

Quick Stats Online giving only grew by 1% in 2018, according to recent data. Also true is that it grew 23% in 2017. Also true is that while nonprofits sent four percent more fundraising emails last year, email revenue went down eight percent! Sending more email is clearly NOT the answer; better quality content is. Better quality includes shorter (90-second) emotional videos. However, that content should relate to your donor audience. (Why do I almost never see any videos of donors giving testimony about why they give?) Monthly giving is clearly a solution to securing increased giving within your annual

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What You Need To Know About June

The Blackbaud Institute analyzed the distribution of giving across all of 2016 and here’s what they found: June, June, June 2016 Overall Giving Distribution by Month January 7% February 6.6% March 7.2% April 6.9% May 7.8% June 10.6% (Second highest month following December) July 6.3% August 7.3% September 7.2% October 7.3% November 8.2% December 17.7% They say that there are signs of giving shifting during the calendar year. We should keep an eye on that. While December remains the largest giving month of the year, it is followed by June, a surprise to me. Who would have guessed that June

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