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The Dangers of Wealth Screening

Buyer beware. It is all the rage. The ads pop up, the messages come through promising the path to gold. “Wealth screen your donors through OUR service. We’re better, faster, cheaper.” But does wealth screening really end up raising more revenue?   What is Wealth Screening? Wealth Screening is a data process that nonprofits use to determine each donor’s capacity to give. It’s also a way to identify new donors. As a subset of prospect research, a wealth screen looks at the top indicators of wealth like real-estate ownership, business affiliations, and stock holdings in public companies. It has an

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Needle In The Haystack

A critical step in securing major gifts is knowing your donors. Approaching donors as individuals, not bank accounts, humanizes the major gifts process and takes the sting out of ‘the ask.’  What is the linchpin to getting to know your donors? Research! Comprehensive donor research can help you get over the hump of making that call or sending that note. Donor research, or prospect research, not only reduces the fear of the ask, it is also the first step in building relationships with donors.  It tells you about your donor’s interests and desires, and it helps you find the ‘needle

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Screening Your Donors

  How do you find greater wealth among your current donors, or even find new donors? You screen for them of course! Screening helps you determine which donors to focus on. You see, most people only keep enough in cash and checking accounts to pay for their current expenses, including charitable contributions. But large donors make major gifts from assets. So you have to uncover the true giving potential of donors; therefore, you must screen your current donors to learn more about them. You can conduct the screening yourself by assembling a Screening Taskforce that meets from time to time

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