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LAPA is the North American partner of the International Fundraising Consultancy based in London, a global consortium with hundreds of fundraising experts in more than 20 countries. IFC is a world leader in international fundraising, offering comprehensive fundraising services to nonprofits. IFC and LAPA enjoy nine offices in countries across four continents, and we partner with agencies in other parts of the world. LAPA’s association with IFC truly makes us a key part of the leading global consultancy for Civil Society.

With experience working with over 100 of the world’s best known international NGOs and UN agencies and also with some 125 national charities, cultural institutions and universities, LAPA can provide a truly global, innovative service to you. Our multi-lingual and international network of associates includes many of the most senior and experienced professionals in fundraising, management, strategic planning, recruitment, research, advocacy and communications. Many international NGO’s have chosen to enter the USA market because the people of the United States are among the world’s most generous donors to charitable organizations, and working with LAPA makes that entrance easy and lucrative.

And LAPA’s roots in international work go deep. Our founder, Laurence A. Pagnoni, is a world-traveled human rights activist fundraiser with nearly 30 years of groundbreaking leadership experience in the sector. As an activist, he led fact-finding trips in Nicaragua, Haiti, and the Occupied Territories of Israel. His work was recognized by Witness For Peace (Accion Permanente Cristiana por la Paz), ADC (American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee), and the Richmond Human Rights Coalition.

LAPA has a complete slate of services for helping international non-profits tap in to America’s giving.
These include:

“Friends Of” Societies

Establishing a U.S.-based “Friends of” Society can be a terrific method for international schools, NGOs, and cultural institutions to open a pipeline to the enthusiasm and generosity of American philanthropists, especially those who share your organization’s values and cultural heritage.

LAPA will work with you to address every part of establishing your US society including identifying potential U.S. partnerships with organizations sympathetic to your mission, analyzing and assessing the potential network of support, and addressing the necessary legal requirements. Ask us for a detailed proposal on how a “Friends of” Society would work for your agency today!

Government Grantmaking

US Foundation
and Government Grantmaking

LAPA starts our work with you and your staff by thoroughly assessing which private foundations or government sources are best for your INGO. American foundations hold $715 billion US dollars in assets and distribute about $55 billion annually. The future outlook is for growth to continue ahead of inflation, with independent and family foundations growing at a higher rate than other types of foundations. USA Government sources are also potentially lucrative, including USAID – which in an average year distributes $40 billion – and other US government agencies, including the US Dept. of State.

After the assessment, LAPA implements the recommended plan and acts as a back-office for managing your private grants. This service includes application submission, cultivation updates to the funder, report generation and renewal request.

Strategy Development

Strategy Development

Many firms offer an array of services, but designing which fundraising approach is the most lucrative for you takes experience, skill and talent. LAPA is superior at strategy development and our plans have established revenue sustainability for our clients. We have a wide range of planning tools including fundraising feasibility studies, annual plans and fundraising and communication audits. Together we can develop fresh, innovative strategies to boost your revenue in a rapidly changing landscape. Strategy development includes long-range and strategic planning, business planning, operational reviews, development audits, and various types of feasibility studies.

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Case Study

Case Study:
Sightsavers, London

Assessment of US Foundation support for a UK-based charity

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