Grants & Evaluation Services

The difference between a good grant application and a great one, is winning the award! winning requires accurately projecting how your proposal will score.


LAPA can manage your grant writing—including government grants, private foundation proposals, corporate cause-marketing contracts, certificates of need, value-based care business plans, evaluation design, FQHC feasibility studies, and more.

Our specialists will introduce you to grant opportunities you likely never knew existed. Then they will write, present, and follow up with funders to make sure that your requests have been given every possible chance to succeed.

Throughout our grant application process, we frame your needs in the most compelling ways.

We identify truly receptive funders whose priorities match your own and whose interests are evaluated prior to each proposal’s submission. 

Along the way, we carefully scrutinize and determine how you will score.

Private Foundation Grants

Discovery & Assesment

LAPA conducts a discovery phase to review your past proposals and relevant organizational documents.
Through this, we can gain a deep understanding of your organizational culture, values, and voice. We also assess the number of new and possible renewals available to you, including family foundations and donor-advised funds. Based on that assessment, we can project the revenue value your grants program is likely to deliver.

Identifying New Funders

LAPA find the funders that are the right fit for your agency.
LAPA uses advanced prospect research to draw from the largest databases of private foundation funders around the globe to find the funders that are the right fit for your agency. We find hidden funder prospects that may be interested in your mission and programs but have not yet been approached—or perhaps have lapsed.

Qualifying Prospective Funders

LAPA does a deep dive into the past giving of each prospective funder.
We create relationship maps that allow us to find "hidden connections" your board and key stakeholders may have with them. This unique aspect of our process often allows LAPA clients to gain entry to private foundations that are not accepting unsolicited applications. For your top funding prospects, we employ a higher-touch strategy of contacting the foundations directly to assure we have the most current view of their funding interests.

Reviewing and Submitting the Grant

LAPA writes, compiles, and prepares competitive grants application package.
LAPA writes a high-quality grant proposal, compiles the required attachments, and prepares a competitive grant application package that adheres to all of the funder’s guidelines. We follow up after submission to make sure the request is being processed properly.

Cultivating the funder for renewals

LAPA sends the funders updates that might positively influence their review of your proposal. 
LAPA sends the funders updates, news articles, and invitations to your events that might catch their attention and positively influence their review of your proposal. We are also looking to position you for multiyear and transformational-level awards. This requires research and forethought to secure a conversation with the funder.

Government Contracts

Federal, state, and local governments award hundreds of millions of dollars annually to organizations like yours. Yet winning a government grant is a highly competitive process, and grant writers must know how to interpret a request for proposals (RFP), decide if the grant worth pursuing, address the funder’s requests, and assemble the right documentation. That’s a tricky process with no room for error—and that’s why so many nonprofits turn to LAPA for grant writing services.

We have a team of interdisciplinary advisors and skilled grant writers who are ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice when you need capacity the most.

Our experienced grant writers have proven track records of winning big awards for our clients and are supervised by fundraising veterans and topic experts in health care, behavioral health, youth and family development, and social determinants of health models.

Are you providing health care to underserved populations? You might qualify to become a Federally Qualified Health Center. Click here to see our FQHC Impact Report. (A two minute read.)

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Evaluation Services

A sound, independent evaluation plan—that is also well communicated in your grant proposal—is often a key deciding factor in whether you secure an award. LAPA provides you with cutting-edge evaluation services. 

We have a pool of trained evaluators that we can bring into the application process. Should your grant be funded, one of our evaluators would become part of your team to monitor project evaluation and write reports to the funder. LAPA partners with Philliber Research Associates and other social scientists and researchers when needed.

LAPA’s evaluation services include the following: