“The difference between a good grant application and a great one is winning the award!”
Michael Taylor, President

LAPA can manage your complete grant-writing operations: Government Grants, private Foundation proposals, Corporate Cause-marketing contracts, Certificates of Need, and more. Our specialists will introduce you to grant opportunities you likely never knew existed, and then write, present, and follow up with the funder to make sure that your request has been given every possible chance to succeed.

Throughout our grant application process, we adhere to three basic principles:

  • Framing your needs in the most compelling possible way.
  • Identifying truly receptive funders, whose priorities match your own and whose interest is evaluated prior to submission.
  • Careful scrutiny of how you will score.
Government Contracts

Government Contracts

Federal, state, and local governments award hundreds of millions of dollars annually to organizations like yours. Yet winning a grant is a highly competitive process, and grant writers must know how to interpret an RFP, address the funder’s requests, and assemble the right documentation. That’s a tricky process with no room for error, and that’s why so many nonprofits turn to LAPA for grant writing services. We have a team of more than 150 senior government grant writers, who all have proven track records of winning big awards for our clients.

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Are you providing health care to underserved populations?
You might qualify to become a Federally Qualified Health Center.


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private foundation grants

Private Foundation Grants

Success in securing private foundation grants is often about knowing who to approach and how. Through years of grant writing, LAPA’s specialists have developed relationships with thousands of private funders, and we begin every grant application process with a thorough assessment of your likelihood to secure a particular award. When the right opportunities are identified, we have the experience and know-how to craft grant winning grant proposals for all types and sizes of private funders. We know the steps to grant writing success.

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evaluation services

Evaluation Services

Establishing a sound, independent evaluation plan within your grant application process can often be a deciding factor in securing the award. LAPA can provide you with cutting-edge evaluation services because we have a ready-to-go pool of trained evaluators that we can write into and include in your application. Should it be funded, that evaluator would become part of your team to monitor and give content for your reports to the funder.

LAPA’s evaluation services include LOGIC model implementation; evaluations that serve the needs of all stakeholders, including the grant maker, your staff, your board, and the communities you serve; data metrics support to produce high quality, actionable information that promotes data driven decision making; and all required reports and surveys.

Case Study

Case Study:

Over $1,200,000 raised in one year from new government grant revenue, ROI of $26 raised to $1 spent

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Case Study

Case Study:
Harlem United

Over $1.6 million for an organization that had lost its primary means of funding, ROI of $6.70 raised to $1 spent

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