Prospect Research

Find New Donors & Increase Current Donor Giving

Would you like 5,000 new “value-aligned” donors to cultivate? Would you like to know where hidden wealth is among your donors? 
Lapa’s advanced prospect research delivers just that. 

Our research process uncovers donors’ actual giving histories. A donor’s giving history is a significant indicator of their charitable intent and potential range of giving.

We also discover donors’ wealth indicators, which are essential for determining if a donor could be a major gift prospect.

With the best prospects, we also discover who knows them through our relationship mapping services.

Finally, we secure donors’ biographical information, including date of birth and updated contact information. We use this information to evaluate a donor’s ability to give and their propensity toward your nonprofit. 

The data we collect come from the largest philanthropic databases in the world, and we never pierce the donor’s privacy. The data will be uploaded directly to your nonprofit’s donor database and will be proprietary to your agency.

From Data to Revenue

How do we move from donor data to actually raising new funds?

A Few Surprises

Your volunteers are likely undergiving, and yet they are highly probable to increase their giving if properly stewarded.

We guide you to base your request for support on volunteers’ wealth profile scores and to talk with volunteer donors about their interests, philanthropic histories, and personal networks.

Retain Your Donors

Over 70% of first-time donors never make another gift! This loss is preventable! How?

The additional donor data we provide, plus the new donor communication processes that we customize for you, will assist you in retaining your donors—which is not an easy task.

We also design sustainer or monthly giving programs and increased giving programs (called “moves-management” programs) to increase donor retention.

Avoid being caught on a treadmill of spending for new donor acquisition only to have just a few donors give. LAPA’s advanced donor research gets you off that treadmill.

Increase Your Donor-Advised Funds and Family Foundations

We identify which of your donors are likely to have a donor-advised fund, and then we send a brief electronic survey to them to verify that information.

We also find any family foundation connections that donors may have, often adding dozens of new family foundation prospects to your pipeline.