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LAPA is a firm driven by thought leadership and nonprofit innovation. Drawing from more than 25 years as a fundraising consultant, Laurence A. Pagnoni has laid the groundwork for the firm’s academic influence. Below is a selection of Laurence’s educational work along with resources created by the team here at LAPA.

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Fundraising 401: Masterclasses in Nonprofit Fundraising that Would Make Peter Drucker Proud

This is not a “how to” book. Not in the conventional sense. “How to” fundraising books have, unfortunately, flooded the market. What you’ll rarely find on the bookshelves of our profession is a guide to thinking deeply about fundraising. That’s what Laurence A. Pagnoni has written for you.

In Fundraising 401: Masterclasses in Nonprofit Fundraising That Would Make Peter Drucker Proud, Pagnoni masterfully leads you through a series of revelations that will equip you to deal effectively with the tough circumstances you will face, sooner or later, as a nonprofit-sector fundraising professional.

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The Nonprofit Fundraising Solution: Powerful Revenue Strategies to Take You to the Next Level

The nonprofit sector is facing major fundraising challenges. Government cutbacks, shrinking endowments, and business belt-tightening mean revenue shortfalls that could prevent organizations from fulfilling their missions. To survive and ultimately thrive, a nonprofit needs forceful revenue strategies and an organizational culture that champions them.

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Nonprofit Fundraising SOlution Cover

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