Your Return on Investment

We track your ROI - Return on Investment

LAPA is the only fundraising firm that tracks and publicly reports actual return on investment for each client. For every dollar you invest in fundraising, you will know exactly how well our strategies performed, and what processes need to be improved to gain a greater return.

As established by the Better Business Bureau, a good ROI benchmark is three to one, or $3 raised for every $1 spent on fundraising. LAPA is proud to report that we have met or exceeded this goal for every client we’ve worked with. 

As documented by an outside independent evaluator, for every dollar that clients have expended with LAPA, they have received an average ROI of $4.25 from private grants, $27 from government grants, and $8 from campaigns.

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LAPA's ROI Strategy

We focus on your results.

We exist for the sake of producing fundraising results for you. 

We are proactive in communication and infuse performance measures into all of our work including ROI reporting, financial forecasting, weekly progress updates, and regular personal contact with you.

Process Improvements.

 As part of our ROI process, we evaluate improvements made to your fundraising program that are not mathematically reflected in the ROI. This process approach is seen throughout our engagements. For example, the Humane Society of Westchester has a deeper culture of philanthropy and stronger donor communications than ever before. Lutheran Social Services of New York has implemented a significant major gift program, and both Fulfill Food Bank and The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) know more about funding opportunities in their mission area.

What Is A Fundraising Program's ROI?