LAPA Fundraising offers its Staff Development Services within the context of fundraising planning and campaign support.

Your fundraising plan is largely dependent on the team that implements it. We can help strengthen your development department in a number of ways: embedding members of our own staff into yours to provide day-to-day support for the short or long term, training and coaching your staff to reach their best potential as fundraisers, and helping you find the next key hire to energize your department.

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Training Seminars

Like any skill, good fundraising can be learned and requires practice. We can reinvigorate your fundraising team with a daylong, or weekend seminar that will focuses on best practices and inspires for moving forward. These seminars are often integrated within the context of our services.

Succession Plans

We create proactive succession plans, either as stand-alone plans, or built into your development or strategic plan. Succession planning is very important to your funders because it helps them feel confident in your agency’s ability to govern itself.

Nonprofits that are serious about their own sustainability will also be serious about planning for smooth and thoughtful transitions of leadership. Whether a transition occurs due to an unexpected vacancy on the staff or board, or the anticipated transition of a long-tenured leader, being ready with a plan in place can help a nonprofit weather the inevitable challenges of leadership transition.

Further, losing a key team member doesn’t have to be an institutional trauma. Instead it can be an opportunity to advance with the injection of new ideas and energy. We can help you find the best way forward, whether it’s promoting from within or finding the right new hire.

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