John Guidry

Project Evaluation

John Guidry, PhD

President and CEO, TRX Development Solutions

TRX Development Solutions, LLC is a Brooklyn-based consultancy that provides a range of services for community organizations, including: program evaluation, Electronic Health Record (EHR) management and implementation, needs assessment, strategic planning, and grant writing (both government and private). Our clients provide services in community health and primary care, HIV/AIDS care, behavioral health (mental health and substance use), homeless services, legal access, violence prevention, LGBTQ+ advocacy, and social services. 

We have experience providing program evaluation services for both large federal grant-funded projects from agencies of the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Justice, as well as smaller projects funded by private foundation grants, state and local governments, and other sources.  

TRX is dedicated to providing academic-quality program evaluation and community research, and because we are independent, we are able to align our work precisely with our clients’ needs and forward planning. Our mission and work ethic is one of collaboration and partnership; our clients are organizations whose work we believe in and deeply wish to see succeed. In this we are guided by one central principle: that all we do to support our clients will ultimately result in better lives and enhanced dignity for the people they serve.

We believe that change in our world happens one idea, one life, one program, one organization, and one community at a time. In this sense, our work ethic and mission are the foundation of a theory of change, but this is only the start of the process. Program evaluation and community-based research creates change by bringing to light the value and wisdom of experiential knowledge created in communities every day by the organizations we serve and the clients that they serve. Technical expertise cannot solve problems without an appreciation of the landscape, norms, struggles, and accomplishments of ordinary people. Going one step further, we strive to ensure that our work adds up. We develop synergies across our clients and the work of other organizations, so that our work lives on beyond the individual projects. We bring our work to conferences, meetings, and government agencies, and we publish our work in grey literature, peer-reviewed journals, and collected volumes, so that anyone can take what they need from it. 

Our staff and associated consultants work closely with clients using regular video conferencing, frequent communication with project directors, and scheduled site visits for hands-on work with our clients and their communities. TRX is led by John A. Guidry, PhD, who brings to this work over 10 years of experience in academic settings and 15 years of experience working in or consulting with community-based organizations. As an academic researcher, Dr. Guidry was trained in political science and spent several years doing research with social movements in Brazil, including neighborhood movements and the movement for the rights of children. In 2004, he transitioned into foundation-based public health research and community development, working on a national, multi- sited project funded by the Kellogg Foundation at the New York Academy of Medicine (NYAM). In 2009 Dr. Guidry began private consulting to community-based organizations and has consulted since then. From 2010-2013 he was Director of Community Health and Research at GMHC, where he was in charge of community-based social marketing campaigns, GMHC’s Youth Program, women’s health, and the annual Latex. In 2016, Dr. Guidry formed TRX Development Solutions, LLC to handle a growing volume of clients and multiyear contracts. 

In the last five years, TRX has grown to six full time staff members and several consulting associates who contribute to the company’s ability to address client needs. From TRX’s Brooklyn headquarters, the company has served clients in all regions of Massachusetts, New York City and New York State, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, Washington DC, and Los Angeles. TRX’s relationship with LAPA Fundraising goes back to 2013, and we are very excited about the potential to collaborate together to realize the vision of both companies.