Stephen Ussery

Gov’t Grants Prospect Researcher

Stephen Ussery

Stephen combines experience from a wide range of industries and cultural contexts to creatively approach problems. He has an engineering degree from Purdue University which allows him to dive deep into technical details; a marketing and entrepreneurship business background which allows him to handle program financial operations; and hands-on program implementation experience from his time in the U.S. Peace Corps which allows him to interact with stakeholders effectively.
Stephen has started three of his own businesses and has helped many other entrepreneurs explore their ideas and then write strategic business plans, curate donor lists, and prepare comprehensive proposals. He has led the writing of concept notes and grants both independently and with multi-million dollar NGOs; written a global comparative analysis for the national Timorese government; and consulted on project design on everything from food security to plastic recycling.

Over the past year, Stephen has leveraged this experience with over 100 clients to advise on business development and secure several million dollars worth of grant funding. Throughout all of his work, Stephen has excelled at working with new ideas and programs, helping develop ideas into plans, and problem solving to make the visions of others into realities. He likes making it happen.

Stephen currently lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee where he gets to wrestle with his six nieces and nephews every day. He usually wins.

My favorite thing about this work: I like helping my people to help their people. Most of my clients are passionate about their work and understand the best ways to create change in their communities; I enjoy taking on the parts of business development which they do not enjoy so that they can focus on driving impact their way.